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1,266 Miles Between Friends

There might be 1,266 miles between them, but this pet parent still manages to keep her favorite Veterinarian close. When Bethe Geller considered moving from New Jersey to Florida in 2020, one thing nagged her decision to leave, “I knew I’d have to leave my cherished Veterinarian, Dr. Wendy.” The two women met in 2009 when Bethe adopted a cat named Candice after a friend from the Rescue said you should meet Dr. Wendy. At that time, she only had one other cat named Creamsicle. Many many pets later, they have remained great friends.

Dr. Wendy has such compassion and patience. I really value her opinions.” (Pictured with "some of her pack") Since that time, she has helped Bethe through the passing of Creamsicle and another cat, Ginger, who suffered heart failure. Would she be able to find someone just as wonderful? With 19 (nineteen) years of practice experience first as a vet tech and then a veterinarian, Dr Wendy’s life and work experience are invaluable. Visiting the Vet is one thing Bethe does weekly! She has a house full of pets. 5 (five) cats, 3 (three) dogs. Dr Wendy shares that in common with Bethe. She has a house full too with an abundance of rescued dogs and cats. With a big heart, she donates her time providing veterinary care to animal rescues. Dr. Wendy shared that "Repairing broken pets and getting them adopted is such important work for these broken and homeless pets.”

Dr. Wendy acknowledges that day-to-day can be tough. COVID impacted the work dynamic. Along with that she says, “social media has really changed things too.” Online reviews get personal and can be hurtful. As a member of Not One More Vet, NOMV, the organization provides a National Support Group for the veterinary profession. Their forum is “a safe space” to share opinions and struggles. “NOMV is a powerful group since you have someone to talk to that understands exactly what you’re talking about.”

Bethe and her husband did make that move to Florida. Plus, she started a pet services business that has grown to two hundred clients. She still has a house full and still needs a dependable Vet, which she found. But Dr. Wendy is Bethe’s go-to person when she misses one of best friends and has a worrisome pet question. Their friendship is priceless.

Join us and celebrate your favorite Veterinarian on Saturday, June 17 - Veterinarian Appreciation Day.

Dog is Good for Good Volunteer Advocates are sharing "thank you" baskets and information about Not One More Vet,

  • Donate to the NOMV Fund which purchases baskets for Vets

  • Deliver your own goody basket

  • Spread the word about NOMV.

Bethe Geller (pictured with "some of her pack") is part of the Dog is Good for Good Volunteer Advocate. Along with

owning a successful pet services business she is also an authorized Dog is Good Pop-up Retailer.

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