Dog is Good for Good's Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to promote the power of the dog-human bond and the positive benefits each has on the other through creating awareness,
providing grants and programs.  

Our Vision

The Foundation’s vision is to support the partnership of humans & dogs
for the betterment of each other. 

Our Beginnings

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When Gila and Jon Kurtz first created and built Dog is Good in 2008, they fostered in their company a singular business principle with their customers, vendors, employees, and partners – Always commit to doing what is right in the best interest of others. And as the community grew in numbers, that principle attracted dog-loving go-givers who also wanted to exemplify the same fun, positivity, personal growth, and action that Gila and Jon reflected. 
And that is the moment Dog is Good for Good became an idea and then reality as a "granting agency" and received tax-exempt status as a 501c3 in 2021. 

People helping dogs help people is the mission. Creating a nonprofit that could leverage the Dog is Good message on behalf of the countless organizations that share the same principle- do what is right in the best interest of others. Dogs are helping Seniors, Veterans, Kids-in-Crisis. There are Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Covid Sniffing Dogs. Dogs are used in Pre-K Reading Programs, Disaster Recovery, and Prison Rehabilitation Programs.
These programs often need funding and a bigger voice.  

Dog is Good for Good can provide both for these nonprofits.