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Jazzy's Adventure begins here

Jazzy is on the move to help advance children’s literacy. And every super hero needs a sidekick, Stormie is up for the challenge. 


Over the next few months, they will be popping up in schools, gift shops and book stores to listen to kids read to her.


Your sponsorship goes to Dog is Good for Good who has set a goal to get 1000 books into 1000 kids’ hands while supporting literacy programs across the nation.


Jazzy and Stormie are doing their part.

              NEVER READ ALONE!

Meet Jazzy Bear


Jazzy Bear is a Great Pyrenees, and at 10 years old, found herself without a home in June of 2023.


When Lab Rescue Ok, Inc. ( first met Jazzy, she was in such poor condition that they didn’t think she would live very long. So, they set her up in their hospice program and searched for someone to take her so she could live out her last days. That’s when she joined Chris Scholl’s family.


Much to everyone’s surprise, Jazzy has flourished and has become a beautiful, amazing dog. It’s a testament to her spirit. Jazzy loves people, and understandably, people love her. As long as Jazzy is well, she will take as many opportunities as possible to spread smiles to everyone she meets!

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