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Never Read Alone

A program to advance children’s literacy 


Never Read Alone

A dog can change the way you read

Exciting news alert! We're thrilled to announce as part of our Never Read Alone Program, the launch of a children's book written by Gila Kurtz, Dog is Good for Good Board Director and Dog is Good Co-founder.


The book is based on the true story of BOLO, a yellow Labrador retriever puppy who was training to become a guide dog only to be “career changed” and released to discover a magic power that would change how millions of people would see the world.

Children can follow BOLO on his journey of self-discovery and see how he tried various things before learning his true magic power. With strong determination and a willingness to keep trying, children can learn the valuable lessons of never giving up, believing in oneself, and believing that everyone can make a difference.

BOLO Discovers His Magic Power is perfect for all children and early readers up to Grade 3.

Dogs are excellent teachers, and children will love following BOLO and learning through his adventures as he discovers virtues that help him and YOU leave a positive mark in the world.

We  celebrate the magic of dog inspired reading programs helping to advance children’s literacy. Never Read Alone's goals are to inspire children to read and enjoy the connection of a book and a dog.We know reading with a dog builds confidence and creates positive habits that can guide life-long success.                    

                                    Together we can help advance children's literacy.   

bolo book cover.png

Reading dogs have a very important job.   

They help children build confident reading skills through weekly reading sessions.  

Your generous support helps the dog(s) and hundreds of children participating in literacy programs. Your donation will fund the printing of more books that are

distributed and donated to reading programs at libraries, hospitals and schools. 


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