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Never Read Alone

Benefiting Dog Inspired Reading programs advancing  Children’s Literacy


Never Read Alone

A dog can change the way you read

We celebrate the magic of dog inspired reading programs helping to advance children’s literacy. 

Never Read Alone's goals help these programs. We know reading with a dog builds confidence and creates positive habits that can guide life-long success. Thanks to our donors, last year we donated $3975 in grants to reading programs in Maryland, Florida and California. 

This year we are publishing a children's books written by Gila Kurtz, co-founder of Dog is Good and Board Member. The books will be donated to dog therapy reading programs 

at libraries, hospitals and schools. 

Help us reach more children. Together we can help advance children's literacy.   

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Reading dogs have a very important job.   

They help children build confident reading skills through weekly reading sessions.  

Your generous support helps the dog(s) and hundreds of children

participating in literacy programs. Your donation will fund the printing of more books that are

distributed to dog-inspired reading programs found at libraries, hospitals and schools. 


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