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Your Gift With Pup Purpose

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Make a difference this holiday season, with your donation of

$ 25.00+ receive a Dog is Good for Good keepsake, heart-shaped ornament. And support the dogs and people who change lives.

Your gift of $25.00+ supports Dog is Good for Good's two signature programs, Never Read Alone literacy program and the Bolo Project, serving young people and inspiring them through their love of dogs.

The Never Read Alone Program supports reading therapy dogs who help empower children through reading. We are creating memorable moments for children and helping to build a love for reading. We work directly with pet therapy reading organizations and provide our Baby Bolo Book as well as fundraise on behalf of the dog inspired program. Your generous support of $25.00+ impacts the dog(s) and hundreds of children participating in our literacy program. MAKE A DIFFERENCE "HELP A CHILD READ TO A DOG"

Or with your donation of $25.00+ YOU CAN HELP A YOUNG PERSON FETCH A LIFE WORTH BARKING ABOUT! The Bolo Project is a program for youth in grades 10-12 who face barriers to employment and advanced education. Plus, your donation contributes to an animal welfare service project completed by Bolo Project participants. A donation of $100 funds one scholarship to attend a Bolo Project session.

With a mission of, "people helping dogs help people", you know your donation will guarantee a positive impact! And as our way to say thank you, when you donate $25.00+ you'll receive a special heart-shaped Dog is Good for Good ornament. Keep your ornament or continue the spirit of giving with this special gift for a dog lover in your life.


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