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Dog is Good for Good goes to the Farm

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Dog is Good for Good was honored to attend Canine Assistants "Day at the Farm." Located 40 miles north of Atlanta, the Farm is the wonderful world of Canine Assistants. On eighteen beautiful acres, the organization led by Jennifer Arnold, Founder and Executive Director, teaches and provides service dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities or special needs. Annually they place 75-100 dogs and have 120 dogs on the farm at one time. That's a lot of happy barks and wagging tails.

Dog is Good for Good Volunteer, Joan Mamawal-Desrochers attended this day learning about Canine Assistants special approach to educating dogs and people. Their philosophy which we also agree with is the belief that dogs who are asked to improve the lives of people in need deserve themselves to lead happy lives. So, rather than focusing only on teaching their dogs to perform tasks on command, they educate people and dogs so they may enrich the lives of one another.

Joan enjoys a special kiss from a Canine Assistants Service Dog

Our mission and vision is so aligned with Canine Assistants. And that is why Dog is Good for Good and Dog is Good couldn't be prouder to lend our voice and support to them. Through December, Dog is Good is donating 10% of the Dog CoDependent Collection Sales to a special fund that Dog is Good for Good has now established for Canine Assistants. The "Handle With Care Fund" will support the launch of a community based teaching program for service dogs and people.

Learn how they are making a huge difference.

Watch a special interview with Dog is Good Owner and Foundation Director, Gila Kurtz and Canine Assistant's Founder and Executive Director Jennifer Arnold.

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