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Chibi Never Reads Alone

Chibi is a talented pup! Not only can he sneeze and give kisses for a treat, but he is also a Reading Dog with the nonprofit, Reading to the Rescue. After earning his Canine Good Citizenship Certificate, Chibi (pronounced Cheebee) visits libraries in Los Angeles once a month with his mom Linda Bodenstein.

He is a twelve year old Shih-Poo (Shih tzu-Poodle mix) and rescued Linda when he was one. Now as a senior pup developing some health issues, he still looks forward to his car ride to the library. Chibi first became a Reading Dog during COVID and participated in Zoom reading sessions. Children read to him using Zoom and he sat happily in front of the computer. Now Chibi and his mom are so glad they can visit the libraries in-person.

Nothing phases Chibi, even when five children are all reading aloud at the same time! He sits quietly on his blanket listening. Linda says he has a special gift with children who are struggling with reading. She said he follows their fingers as they point to each word. Sometimes the children do such a good job reading, he even takes a nap! The time that Chibi spends with the children is so special. They get excited when they read aloud to him even if they struggle with a word or two. But Chibi doesn’t judge them. He gets belly rubs and treats. His mom says, it’s a total Win-Win!

A big shout-out to Reading to the Rescue (, Linda, and Chibi.

Linda is a Dog is Good Pop-up Retailer. And you can follow Chibi on his

Instagram page at cute_chibi_dog.

Dog is Good for Good supports Children’s Literacy through the Never Read Alone Program.

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