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Dog is Good for Good knows the power of the human-dog bond.

For both, this partnership improves the health and well-being

of the human as well as the dog.


Our dogs are a constant source of companionship, joy, and calm.  With numerous human challenges, our dogs are always there for us.

Let's be there for them. 

The Ways We Serve


Inspiring adults and young people to lead with their hearts through sponsoring fundraising events across the US. Whether it's in support of our campaigns Never Read Alone or Some Heroes Have Fur, giving your time is priceless in creating positive change. 


Fundraise on behalf of  small community nonprofits whose mission mirrors ours. Programs include support for dog inspired reading programs.  Rehoming dogs while a family is displaced. Or Grants for homeless shelters to accept families with pets.   


Advocate for the benefits of the dog-human bond. Our grassroots community of National Volunteers are truly Go-Givers of their time, expertise, and compassion. We are proud to lend our voice each year to Not One More Vet, . 



Dog is Good for Good supports organizations that focus

on the dog-human bond.  These non-profits operate in support of:

  • Veterans - to reduce anxiety and restore independence

  • Youth  - to build confidence, self-esteem, reduce depression and anxiety, and foster responsible pet ownership

  • Elderly - to restore vitality and purpose while reducing isolation and loneliness

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