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Dog is Good for Good Advocates have joined forces with Advocates from Not One More Vet (NOMV) spreading their message - NEVER ALONE. 

Many Veterinary Professionals are in crisis. Not One More Vet is a National Nonprofit that provides support to all members of the veterinary profession who are struggling or considering suicide. NOMV has peer support, mentorship, financial hardship grants, and education.

Did you know that 1 in 6 Vets consider suicide? The same medical professional cuddling your pet while administering medications one moment, then patiently PROVIDING ADVICE TO WORRIED PUPPY PARENTS THE NEXT, and all the while seeing 20-40 patients a day might also struggle with depression, compassion fatigue, and burnout. NOMV is there for them.


Dog is Good for Good lends our voice and creates awareness and funds for the lifesaving work of NOMV.

They believe and we agree,


Three ways to help the Advocates for NOMV and

Dog is Good for Good:

DONATE  -- Your donation to Dog is Good for Good’s ADVOCATES FOR NOMV FUND directly support the  Advocate Program to help struggling Vets with support and a thoughtful gift of flowers, treats, and kindness. OR...

SEND YOUR OWN GIFT BASKET - Honor your own Vet by sending them a card or making them an appreciation basket. DYK - JUNE 18TH IS VET APPRECIATION DAY. 

SPREAD THE WORD - Share with your family & friends the lifesaving work of NOMV. 



JUNE 18  is Vet Appreciation Day

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