Dog is Good for Good knows the power of the human-dog bond.

For both, this partnership improves the health and well-being

of the human as well as the dog.


This year our dogs might be more essential than ever as they are a constant source of companionship, joy, and calm.  

There are numerous human challenges due to job loss,

food insecurity, and isolation. With ever-changing health conditions and our dependency on technology for remote learning, sustain work, and maintain family ties & friendships, 

Our dogs are always there for us.

Let's be there for them. 

The Ways We Serve

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Inspire young adults to lead with their hearts through the BOLO Project. Participants create, plan, and implement a project for their chosen Dog Charity. 

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Fundraise on behalf of  hyperlocal nonprofits whose mission mirrors ours. Programs include support for pet therapy teams. Rehoming dogs while a family is displaced. Or Grants for homeless shelters to accept families with pets.   

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Advocate for the benefits of the human-dog bond. Our grassroots community of National Volunteers are truly Go-Givers of their time, expertise, and compassion.  




Dog is Good for Good supports organizations that focus

on the dog-human bond.  These non-profits operate in support of:

  • Veterans - to reduce anxiety and restore independence

  • Youth in Crisis - To build confidence, self-esteem, reduce depression and anxiety, and foster responsible pet ownership

  • Elderly - To restore vitality and purpose while reducing isolation and loneliness

  • Prison Detainees - To teach dog training skills while giving detainees goals and responsibilities for a path forward